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Circus Clown Nail Art Tutorial Entry

Circus Clown Nail Art Entry Contestant: Mary Mich http://DreamyMMNails.blogspot.co.uk/ Step By Step Instructions Step 1: Apply 2 coats of White Nail Polish and wait until it is completely dryStep 2: To start the Clown, in the centre of the nail, with a dotting tool or nail polish brush make a big Red round dot for the noseStep 3: Under the nose, make a curved Red [...]

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Butterfly Nail Art Tutorial Entry

Butterfly Nail Art Entry Contestant: Louise Moss TipsAndTopcoat.blogspot.com Step By Step Instructions 1 – Choose your 4 colours; (blue for sky; green for grass; 2 for butterfly), a few cocktail sticks, a cotton bud & black acrylic paint.2 – Start by painting your nail with your chosen blue, add in a thin uneven line as [...]

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