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Glitter Nail Polish Gradient Nail Art Tutorial – Pink and Turquoise

There’s just something about glitter nail polish, isn’t there?I feel like a magpie when I’m at the store and drawn to all of the glitter nail polishes…So shiny!!! I know many of you can relate.And there are so many Indie Polish Makers. They have created an brand new market with glitter nail polishes. In fact, [...]

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SIMPLE: Holographic French Manicure Nail Art Tutorial

SIMPLE TUTORIAL:  HOLOGRAPHIC FRENCH MANICURE NAIL ART Some times the simplest design can be incredibly stunning. This design by Kim at KimskieNails proves my point—let the glitter speak for itself. I hope you have fun with this one…but beware driving in sunlight. It’s so tempting to watch your nails instead of the road!  :D  Have [...]

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SIMPLE: Lovely Ladybug Nail Art Tutorial

SIMPLE TUTORIAL: LOVELY LADYBUG NAIL ART Spring is here! I love ladybugs as much as the next girl, but I’m a woman now with 4 children. How do you do ladybugs with class? You get inspired by nature—ladybugs, leaves and dewdrops. And you know what? This is sooooo simple. A bit time consuming—yes—but still very [...]

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Milani 3D Holographic Hi-Res Polish Review

Like many of you, I’m addicted to holographics. When I found the entire Milani 3D line on sale at CVS.com for less than $3 USD each, I ordered right away. Hi-Res 514 is a subtle, classy holo that shows it’s brilliance in sunlight. Indoors, it behaves like a soft shimmer (seen in the last photo). It [...]

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