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Disney Pixar Bugs Life Nail Art Manicure

SHOWCASE: Disney’s Bugs Life Nail Art Manicure

SHOWCASE: DISNEY / PIXAR “BUGS LIFE” NAIL ART MANICURE I completed this manicure for the second round of finals in the Tip Top South Africa’s Nail Art Competition. The characters are (L-R) Rosie the Black Widow Spider, Flik, Atta, Heimlich and Francis, the male Lady Bug on the thumb. Each nail took approximately one hour [...]

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Mint Green Bow Nail Art Manicure

SIMPLE TUTORIAL:  CUTE BOW NAIL ART –  TheBeautyDepartment.com has created an incredibly popular nail art tutorial this week. Of course, I’m going to simplify it for you because I’m already seeing Pinterest pins of people trying it….and they aren’t pretty. I’ll be giving you tips below the photo to help you create the design you [...]

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