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Black-Shredded-Nail-Art Manicure Tutorial

Black Shredded Nail Art Manicure Tutorial

SIMPLE TUTORIAL:  BLACK SHREDDED NAIL ART – I think Erika at Chloe’s Nails is the Scotch Tape queen! She consistently puts together beautiful and simple designs using tape. Fortunately, she also puts together great tutorials, which I’ll link to on this page. Have Fun! ~Ana STEP 1: Basecoat – to protect your nails and create a [...]

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Holographic Striping Tape on Black Nail Art Manicure

SIMPLE TUTORIAL: Holographic Striping Tape on Black – by Karianne at Neglelakkmani.com 482 shares on Google can’t be wrong—people love this manicure. As most of you can tell, it’s a pretty simple design with my tips for striping tape. The tutorial is below the photo. Have fun! ~Ana PS: Giving proper credit to Karianne was [...]

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