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Butterfly Nail Art Tutorial Entry

Butterfly Nail Art Entry Contestant: Louise Moss TipsAndTopcoat.blogspot.com Step By Step Instructions 1 – Choose your 4 colours; (blue for sky; green for grass; 2 for butterfly), a few cocktail sticks, a cotton bud & black acrylic paint.2 – Start by painting your nail with your chosen blue, add in a thin uneven line as [...]

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SIMPLE: Turquoise & Black Dotted Nail Art Tutorial

SIMPLE TUTORIAL:  TURQUOISE & BLACK DOTTED NAIL ART – I like dots because they are so easy to do with both hands. And I want you to feel successful when doing your own nail art. Remember, all designs look great in different color combinations. Narita has created this fun and simple design. I’ve included her video tutorial, [...]

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