Mint Green Bow Nail Art Manicure

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SIMPLE TUTORIAL:  CUTE BOW NAIL ART – has created an incredibly popular nail art tutorial this week. Of course, I’m going to simplify it for you because I’m already seeing Pinterest pins of people trying it….and they aren’t pretty. I’ll be giving you tips below the photo to help you create the design you want, and you will be proud to show off. Have fun! ~Ana TBDbowmani1 Mint Green Bow Nail Art Manicure   STEP 1: Basecoat – to protect your nails and create a surface that nail polish bonds to. STEP 2. 2 coats of your favorite mint green polish STEP 3: Make a double scallop shape at the tip using the white polish. You may need two coats. Let dry STEP 4: TopCoat. (Why? – the next steps will be easier if you mess up.) STEP 5: Using a little black acrylic craft paint on a very thin paint brush, follow the shape of your scallop and end with a loop as seen above. STEP 6: Do not follow the photo for the next step, follow the directions! Next, take a little more black paint and follow the other scallop, go past the previous loop, and cross over the first black line. Finish with a small loop. STEP 7: Take a dab of white polish and make a dot in the middle of your bow. This can be any color or you can even do this step with a rhinestone. STEP 8: Topcoat – To seal in your design and give it a high gloss shine. Remember to topcoat the free edge and underside. This extends wear and reduces water absorption, which causes peeling and chipping. TIPS:
  • Why Topcoat before painting the bows? Because if you don’t like a loop, quickly spray it with water and wipe the paint off! Also polish dries too quickly in paint brushes. You’ll have to clean your paint brush in acetone between each nail. Acrylic is much more forgiving and you’ll love your finished work.
  • Practice painting your bows on paper before your nails. Get a feel of how the brush moves around the oval shape of the bow loops. Five minutes of practice will make you feel so much more confident on your nails! : )
pixel Mint Green Bow Nail Art Manicure
PinExt Mint Green Bow Nail Art Manicure

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