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INTERMEDIATE TUTORIAL: BLUE ZEBRA NAIL ART - By a facebook fan request , here’s a comprehensive  Zebra Tutorial. Several months ago, I got to paint blue zebra stripes on my daughter’s nails. I did this design with polish before I learned that it’s a lot easier with acrylic paint; either craft or artists. ~Ana Blue Zebra 31 150x150 Blue Zebra Nail ArtSTEP 1: Basecoat – to protect your nails and create a surface that nail polish bonds to. STEP 2. 2 coats of your favorite white polish STEP 3: (Optional) While that’s drying, google “zebra nail art” Pick your favorite design. Either print it out or bring your smart phone to your work space. STEP 4: Put a drop of any acrylic paint on a piece of paper. With a fine paintbrush, and starting at a side wall, paint crooked lines into your zebra pattern. Start by pushing down on the paintbrush, then as you paint the line, also pull up onto the tip of the paintbrush. This will give you a sharp point to your line. STEP 5: Continue with the lines until you’re satisfied. STEP 6: Topcoat – To seal in your design and give it a high gloss shine. Remember to topcoat the free edge and underside. This extends wear and reduces water absorption, which causes peeling and chipping. TIP: When painting topcoat, put a thick blob of  polish on your nail and gently pull it out over the nail. This is going to sound crazy, but try your best to NOT have your brush actually touching your art design. This will prevent smearing your design.   If you try this, please post pictures on my Simple Nail Art facebook page. That way we can give you oodles of kudos : ) Have fun! ~Ana   This design is a white base with zebra stripes of Love & Beauty Teal available at Forever 21. We had fun designing this; we hope you love it too! ~ Justine and Anamarie ~ Blue Zebra 1 Blue Zebra Nail Art Blue Zebra 31 Blue Zebra Nail ArtBlue Zebra 21 Blue Zebra Nail ArtBlue Zebra 4 Blue Zebra Nail Art Directions: 1) Apply base coat 2) Apply 2-3 coats of white polish 3) Paint zebra stripes with Love & Beauty Teal 4) Apply your top coat P.S. Use a 00 liner paintbrush (Available at Michaels Crafts) for doing the zebra stripes. Make sure to clean the brush in pure acetone so that the nail polish doesn’t ruin your paintbrush.  
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  2. Ana August 11, 2011 at 2:55 pm #

    Thank you so much for the tip!

    I have learned from Ophelia at TartoFraises who tried these amazing stickers, is that they work really well on shorter nails. They don’t work well on long, natural nails because of the need to flex with the nail during normal use. You can see her review here. **Note: Her blog is in French, so you will need to use the Google translator on the right hand side of her site.

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