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green and red heart valentine nail art

ENTRY: Valentine’s Nail Art – Red & Green Hearts

CONTEST ENTRY INTERMEDIATE TUTORIAL Red & Green Hearts Valentine Nail Art Tutorial by Loveleen G.Instructions1. Polish your nails with base pink colour.2. Then on the top of tip polish with white as shown on the picture.3. Make dots with red colour on the white base of your tip.4. Make hearts using brush with red and green colour [...]

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SIMPLE TUTORIAL: Halloween Nails – Spooky Eyes, Glow in the Dark

SIMPLE TUTORIALHalloween Nails – Spooky Eyes, Glow-in-the-DarkI had so much fun creating these little eyes for my Halloween nails last year. And even Nails Magazine expressed interest in publishing this design in their October issue. Alas, I didn’t make the cut.I was inspired by a small Halloween light set that we wrap around a bush [...]

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SIMPLE TUTORIAL: Gold Crackle Diagonal French on Black Nail Art

SIMPLE TUTORIALGold Crackle Diagonal French on Black Nail ArtSome designs instantly take my breath away for a second. This classic twist on a diagonal french by Natalie at did just that! If you’re great at a free hand diagonal then leave your cellophane tape in the drawer.Otherwise, wait until your black is completely dry and use [...]

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Pink Summer Nights Nail Art Tutorial Entry

Pink Summer Nights Nail Art Tutorial Entry Contestant: Samantha Liversage Step By Step Instructions  Step 1: Paint a base of your choice, light colour Step 2: on ¾ of the base paint a bright colour. Lightly Step 3: Using a dotting tool create the shape of an island Step 4: Fill your island in [...]

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Koi Flowers Nail Art Tutorial Entry

Koi Flowers Nail Art Tutorial Entry Contestant: Samantha Liversage Step By Step InstructionsStep 1: Paint a French in a bright colour Step 2: Apply a glitter of your choice only to the tip Step 3: paint a side swipe in black Step 4: Apply a glitter to the black only Step 5: Apply black [...]

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Dotted Rainbow Chevron Nail Art Tutorial Entry

Dotted Rainbow Chevron Nail Art Entry Contestant: Amy Marts   Step By Step Instructions1. Start with a clear base coat over entire nail allow time to dry.2. Apply base coat coat of China Glaze Liquid Leather. Allow time to dry completely.3. Set up acrylic paint in rainbow order.  Apple Barrel 20225 Bright Blue, Folk Art 2585 [...]

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Cute Lamb Nail Art Tutorial Entry

Cute Lamb Nail Art Tutorial Entry WINNER! Contestant: Ria Marii Olt Materials Used  I used a big and a small dotting toolBlack (by: Yes Love nr:346)White (by: Moment Make-up nr:01)Beige (by: Yes Love nr:4) Top coat(by:Yes Love nr:345).  The photo with the most comments by unique users will win  Vote by leaving a comment at the [...]

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SIMPLE: Rainbow on Matte Black Nail Art Tutorial

SIMPLE TUTORIALRainbow Rhinestones on Black Matte Polish Nail Art I discovered this design on Pinterest and I’m still dying to try it myself. It’s a pretty simple design by Sun Dancer at, obviously perfect for short nails and the line of rhinestones could be stretched out a bit on longer nails. I’ve given you [...]

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INTERMEDIATE: Dotted Black Diagonal French on Turquoise Nail Art Tutorial

INTERMEDIATE TUTORIAL:  DOTTED BLACK DIAGONAL FRENCH ON TURQUOISE NAIL ART I’m not sure why I chose two turquoise designs in a row, but it’s a pretty color! And they’re both For Audrey by China Glaze! Leslie at PolishArtAddiction has created this really popular design.  You can find all of the step-by-step photos on her website. [...]

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