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Ana Headshot 72 FB 240x300 About Ana“How do I get my polish to stop chipping in the shower?”

It all started with a simple little search in the website that to me is like a shiny, black Magic 8 Ball—Google.

Google’s results led me down a two week long rabbit hole! I felt like Alice finding new exciting tunnels—websites, nail blogs and the holy grail of nail art instruction…YouTube.

After 80 hours of research—yep…two weeks, 8 hours a day!—I had learned everything the Internet could offer me about nail care and nail art. 

My Frustration

But I had lost countless hours to watching videos from teenager who don’t have a clue how to make decent videos or supply good information. In fact, some of them were providing completely WRONG information. I’m sure you’ve experienced this too.

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I decided then to create a website where you could come and learn everything about healthy nail care techniques that are based in science and actually work!

I wanted to create a site where you can learn the basics of nail art from beautiful photos, detailed print instruction and high quality, in-focus videos. 

Thus, SimpleNailArtTips.com was born. It is meant to be your exclusive resource for all things nail related and a place where you can ask me anything without feeling put down for asking a valuable question. You can always connect with me here or by email: Ana (at) SimpleNailArtTips (dot) com.

Join Me

SimpleNailArtTips on Facebook is rapidly becoming the community where you can stay up to date with Nail News, tips, techniques and tutorials from myself as well as from other bloggers and nail artists like you. Most of this information never makes it to the website so you’ll want to join us today.

And, yes! I did learn how to stop my polish from chipping in the shower.  :D 

Happy Polishing!
Ana Seidel
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